3 bed apartment

3 persons / 72,00€

2 persons / 49,00€

1 person /   43,00€


7-bed apartment

7 persons / 140,00€

6 persons/  120,00€

5 persons / 100,00€

4 persons / 86,00€

3 persons / 72,00€

2 persons / 49,00€

1 person /   43,00€


2-bed room

2 persons / 45,00€

1 person / 38€


3-bed room

3 persons / 61,00€

2 persons / 48,00€

1 person / 39,00€



We offer accommodation from double rooms to seven-bed apartments.


Rooms are reconstructed and newly furnished. There is a TV, WIFI and AIR-CONDITIONING in every room. Guests with pets are welcome.

Extra bed 15.00,-€


Dog - large dog breeds  15 €


Breakfast 5,90€


air conditioning in the rooms at an additional cost 7/10€






 We recommend visiting the Castle of Fiľakovo. In 1483, this castle was conquered by the troops of King Matthias Corvinus, who expelled Štefan Peréni from the castle.


Since 1490, the castle had been administered by the Buda captain Blažej Raškai. His daughter married František Bebek, who was given the castle as part of his wife's dowry. As the Turkish threat had been growing, in 1551 the castle was rebuilt to a massive renaissance fortress according to the plans of the Italian architect A. da Vedano. City fortification joined with the castle acropolis was built.


In 1682, Tököli, with the tremendous support of the Turks (60,000 soldiers), concentrated on reconquering the castle. After difficult siege he finally succeeded. The castle was burnt down together with the county archive and the city was destroyed. Since then, there are only the castle ruins.

Preservation of the castle ruins has been taking place since 1972. After the reconstruction of the Bebek's Bastion, an exposition of the history of the castle and the city was established there.







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